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Pottery Club and Studio

The Pottery Studio is open to all members of the Pottery Club.  Annual membership* is $100 for VISAC members, VISAC Membership is $25 annually, membership is due Oct 1st of every year. 
*(Currently Pro-rated for $20 VISAC membership & $80 Pottery Club membership)

At this time we have a total of just over 35 potters in the Pottery Club and utilizing the Pottery Studio.
After a meeting with the the VISAC and Pottery Members it has been decided that, for the first time since opening the Studio, we have to put a limit on the number of active pottery members and at this time we are full. 
However we will be opening back up Pottery Club Membership at a discounted rate for the Summer.
The Summer Pottery Club membership will run from June 1st to October 1st and at a cost of $40 (Please note those that are not already VISAC Members will still need to pay the $10 for VISAC Membership as well.)

 CLICK HERE to check out our latest Pottery Classes.

The Pottery membership gives you:

  • Access to the pottery room at any time during regular Selkirk College hours (availability subject to pre-scheduled classes and children's programs)
  • Use of all the equipment in the pottery room
    • potters wheels
    • slab tables
    • extruders
    • tools
    • molds and stamps
    • drying racks
    • and much, much more
  • Have your work fired, both bisque and final glaze
  • Purchasing your clay through the pottery group includes the use of most glazes in the room
  • Have the camaraderie of fellow potters
  • Find us in the Basement level floor of the Selkirk College building in Downtown Trail!