Post date: Mar 17, 2020 9:19:54 PM


By Lars Baggenstos

An all new body of sculptural work by local Artist Lars Baggenstos Sculptor & Illustrator.

Opening ReceptionWhen: Friday Feb 7th / 5:30-8pm*Short Artist Talk at 7pm*Where: VISAC Gallery, 1501 Cedar Ave, Trail Lowest Level of Community BuildingWho: Everyone is welcome.Light refreshments are provided and a small, cash wine bar.Artist Statement for this new body of work; FRACTURA :"This series has its roots in a violent experience I had in 2014, which left me wondering about the other invisible scars people carry around within. My thoughts went further to other living beings and their untold stories of violence and trauma.Now, five years after the incident, it felt like the right time to create a series about untold stories of hidden memories and overgrown stories. The idea of invisible scars reminded me of working with lumber. You never know what you might encounter beneath the layer of bark: while removing layer upon layer of growth, old injuries and traumata are revealed. "

" For this series, I chose to work with discarded walnut logs. Agricultural trees like these carry multitudes of signs and marks – their lives’ stories buried deep within annual growth rings. Sawn-off branches, regrown. Axe marks, rebar, nails and buckshot. This story is one of violent memories and how we heal, mend and adapt.

The traditional technique of woodcarving is by its nature a long, drawn out process, one that demands constant and repeated reflection upon the figure emerging beneath the tools. This long, contemplative engagement with the material determines the character of the final figure: a more complex a presence emerges. It is a technique that lends itself to complex stories."