Multi-Artist Exhibit: Featuring Howard Roo's "Atomic Sculptures"

Post date: Oct 16, 2015 6:15:58 PM

"Atomic Sculptures" by Howard Roo

joined by Rhandi Sandford and Tova Main!

Featuring: Atomic Sculptures by Howard Roo

Joining Howard is the very unique and loved Artist Rhandi Sandford along with the beautiful and thoughtful paintings of Tova Main!

Exhibit ran Sept 25th- Oct 14th

Howard Roo: Howard worked in industrial fabrication until he became ill and had to quit his job and re-evaluate his path. It was at this time he decided to move to the Kootenays to recover. After arriving he saw many talented artisans and was inspired. He started his business Castillian Fountain & Metal, and was able to branch out and explore his creative side. This brought him much success and joy. He loves making water features, along with nature scenes, as he finds them therapeutic both in creating and listening to them.

Howard loves working with metals. He uses hand-made parts, found objects, and production parts to convey his message in his work. Every piece he makes is original.

Rhandi Sandford: Rhandi is a self-taught illustrator/painter from Medicine Hat AB, currently residing in Nelson BC. Her art is strongly inspired by the magic that is Mother Nature, especially the life of plants and mushrooms. She has recently had the chance to work with Tiny Lights Festival on their T-shirt design this year. Previous exhibits include Boobies and Wieners at Hot Art Wet City in Vancouver BC, and The Wild the Weird and the Wonderful at the Cultural Center in Medicine Hat AB. She had spent 3 months as a resident of the Hive Artists Hub in Medicine Hat, after which she and 5 others opened their own artist collective in Medicine Hat called the Weather Factory. Rhandi is currently working on a group of work called Absent Reverie and hopes to show it at least 5 galleries throughout Canada in the next year. To view more of Rhandi's art, or to contact her, please visit

Tova Main: Tova has been a resident of the West Kootenays for over forty years. The wild and varied nature of the climate, scenery, vegetation and the recreational opportunities of the area make this an exciting place to call home. Originally from Alert Bay and Vancouver, her earliest inspiration was the Pacific coast itself, as well as the art and culture of the great Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) Aboriginal tradition. Feeling small beside a huge totem pole generated a curiosity about what art is and can be that became a life-long journey.

She studied a variety of art techniques in secondary school, as well as Art History at the University of BC. Painting has always been her favorite form of personal expression.