Muse: The art of Comic & Illustration - Erin Shuttleworth

Post date: Apr 11, 2019 8:44:51 PM

About Erin Shuttleworth :

Erin is a comic artist and illustrator who specializes in works of fantasy and comedy. Her work is a combination of digital art and traditional ink, with strong, thick linework. Influenced by “The God of Manga”, Osamu Tezuka, her art is a blend of western and eastern styles, with stories that focus on human relationships, magic and love.

Erin has been drawing and making comics for 20 years. Since graduating from UVic with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2014, she has been expanding her body of work to include children’s books and illustration. She has been published in magazines, newsletters and books, with many more self-published projects ongoing. Her most popular series is Skeleton Joe, written by Spencer Crispin, about a Skeleton’s daily life. Some titles include: “Skeleton Joe Finds Fresh Fruit”, “Skeleton Joe and the Day of Mild Inconveniences” and “Skeleton Joe’s Fishing Jamboree Extraordinaire”.

Never taking herself too seriously, Erin is always having fun while making art. A huge fan of video games, comics, cartoons, movies and books, she is unable to resist sneaking in references. Her time travel/fantasy comic, Mindless MUSE, has a main set of characters reminiscent of old-school JRPG video games - The thief, mage, princess and warrior - and the characters “level up” as time goes on, learning new skills and abilities.

Erin is excited to share her work with the Kootenays, and inspire fellow creators and patrons of the arts to explore the ever growing medium of comic and illustration.