Upcoming Exhibitions


NEW Special Exhibition planned for Mid-Oct to End of November 2021!

Info for Artists:

    • Submissions for exhibition are due by September 19, 2021 at 12pm. Submission entails filling out the online submission form, and then following with an email of at least 1 picture of each art piece included in the submission (more details in the online form). FYI; In the submission form artists will be asked to give measurements of art pieces, at this time we do not have a size limit. Each artist will be asked to also share their own story of the path (physically; schooling, workshops, travel, etc, and/or emotionally; life events, relationships, inspirations, disciplines, etc) that has led them from where they were to where they are now creatively. This story will be printed and hung next to each ‘set’ of pieces so that audiences may appreciate the transformative journey, or at the least gain insights to the varying personal evolutions. Metamorphosis does not imply that the ‘new’ is better than the ‘before’, just that it is different.

    • Artists must be residing in the West Kootenays and be 18 years or older.

    • All backgrounds and mediums are welcome. Submitted pieces may be of different mediums. For example, if the ‘past work’ 2-20 years ago was sculpture based (or one is sculpture and one is photography), and the ‘current work’ March 2020-now, are paintings; that’s just fine.

    • Chosen artists will be paid recommended group CARFAC fees of $405 per artist. Artists are chosen by the VISAC exhibition team and will be notified of submission results by Sept 26, 2021.

    • Artwork shown in the exhibition may be for sale, please see agreement in the artist submission form.

    • Exhibition will be open for 6 weeks at the VISAC Gallery from mid-October to the end of November 2021 (exact dates to be announced).


LINK: https://forms.gle/8aBRrBaMDmXo4cYw8

Step 2.) Once you complete the online submission form, please email at least 1 photo per submitted art piece to director@visacgallery.com. In the email * Please put the artist name in the subject line, and list the titles of the art pieces images sent. Try to send them all in one email please. The more photos of your work the better.

This project made possible through the Resiliency Grant from Rossland Arts Council.

Metamorphosis,A juried exhibition of works by 6 West Kootenay Artists.

About the Exhibition:

    • Each participating artist will feature 2 art pieces from their past (2-20 years ago) and 2 new artworks that were created during covid times (March 2020-now). The goal of this exhibition is to highlight the transformation each artist has gone through to become the artist they are now. This show aims to acknowledge and appreciate where the artists were and celebrate their own unique journey and development to be where they are now creatively.

    • To applaud and present artwork that was created at a time when art was not able to be viewed easily in-person, the difficult time of covid.