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Rock Your World With A Lapidary Course

Beginner and experienced rockhounds have an opportunity during the fall and winter seasons to expand their knowledge of working with rocks and gems as the VISAC Gallery presents a four-session course on cutting and polishing semi-precious or just plain pretty stones.

Long-time local rock and gem craftsman Russ Olson will present 4-week 2-hour sessions. Email us for class costs.  All sessions will be held in the VISAC Gallery's Lapidary Studio.

Some of the topics to be covered include cabochon, which relates to the flat cutting and polishing of stone for mounting on a ring or pendant; mosaic stones; opal triplets, which involves sandwiching the stone between a black base and a quartz cap for protection; rock beads; and knife handles.

"They will be learning how to cut and polish stones, make custom jewelry they can wear such as belt buckles, pendants, and earrings," Olson said. "The appeal is that they are leaning a craft that has unlimited ways in which you can go."

Other possible applications include the creation of lamps similar to stained glass creations, rock vases, mixed media creations involving stone and other materials such as wood, casting gold and silver, and tinsmithing.

"The sky is really the limit," Olson said.

If you are interested in signing up for a 4 week course call Olson at 368-5488 to confirm the starting date. 

To register email: