Pottery Club and Studio

Thank you for your interest in Pottery with VISAC!

The Pottery Studio is open to all members of the Pottery Club. Annual membership* is $125 for VISAC members, VISAC Membership is $25 annually, membership is due Oct 1st of every year.

As of now our Pottery Club membership is Full. We will be assessing capacity and usage in February of 2022, and may consider new members at that time. Please email us in new year if interested.

Please understand we are running the studio at limited capacity due to Covid safety measures and all new members must watch all the studio info videos (below), read the new policies and Covid procedure documents.

The VISAC Pottery Club membership gives you:

Access to the pottery room at any time during regular Selkirk College hours (availability subject to pre-scheduled classes and children's programs)

  • Use of all the equipment in the pottery room

    • potters wheels

    • slab tables

    • extruders

    • tools

    • molds and stamps

    • drying racks

    • and much, much more

  • Have your work fired, both bisque and final glaze

  • Purchasing your clay through the pottery group includes the use of most glazes in the room

  • Have the camaraderie of fellow potters