January 2021 Updates:

VISAC Gallery facilities & the Community Building we are housed in will not be able to open to the public this Fall and Winter.
 We will however be running some art programs and classes in the gallery in the Greater Trail Area as capasity and safety allow.

We keep you updated on these new offerings by way of newsletter, social media, & our website.

Delivery Sign Up Form 
'Creating Connections; ArtBoxes & Art PelPals for Seniors'

To deliver free quality art supplies and instruction to seniors in the Greater Trail Area and safely connect them to their communities through local student ‘Art PenPals‘.
During the winter and Covid-19, many seniors are not able to attend in person classes and workshops due to risks and restrictions. We have heard from input gathering that many seniors do not have the means to take online art classes or can feel overwhelmed by online offerings. Our input also indicates that seniors either have a hard time allocating limited funds to art supplies or are not able to source art supplies due to stores being back ordered.  

Project Funder
Thanks to a BC community grant allocated by the LeRoi Foundation in Trail, our project plans to offer free ArtBoxes to seniors during 2 mid-winter months. One ArtBox delivery in either Jan/ Feb and one in Feb/March. 

Art PenPals portion of project
 We aim to connect with local 6th-8th grade classes in Rossland, Trail, Warfield, and Fruitvale, to coordinate a drop-off of art project supplies and instruction for the class to do a one day art project. The class will be told about the overall Seniors’ ArtBox project and create artwork with their name and little note attached on the back to be sent to local seniors in order to create connections and caring. VISAC staff are going to collect the completed works from the classrooms and keep them in a safe spot for a minimum of 5 days before adding them to the ArtBoxes to be delivered to seniors. Seniors will have an opportunity, if they like, to create a bit of art to send back to the student whose art they received. 

About the ArtBoxes
 Each ArtBox will contain:
- Quality art supplies of a certain medium/theme. 
- Instruction on how to use materials and art project instructions.
-Art-focused enrichment materials
- A little piece of art created by a local student to be sent in an ArtBox to a senior, in hopes they write back a response letter to send back to the student. 

This Month's ArtBox Theme: Weaving!

This month's SIGN UP DELIVERY FORM is via a quick online form at this link: https://forms.gle/VtfygKhs9eFMMzWs7
Estimated Delivery of this month's ArtBox is 1st week of Feb.

Please email us at director@visacgallery.com with any questions. We understand not all seniors have access to the internet, so are up for getting feedback on how we can reach these seniors who are interested in a delivery but are not able to fill out the quick online sign up form.

We have a limited amount of ArtBoxes per month and hope to distribute them out fairly as best we can around the Greater Trail Area. If you think your network, senior housing, etc would like to be allocated a certain amount each month let me know asap so we may reserve some and get back to you when details are confirmed and the delivery sign up is ready.

Sign Up for the Art PenPal art gift program only:
We will have more Art PenPal art gifts to send out than we do ArtBoxes each month. If you, or someone you know or a group of seniors may wish to sign up for the Art PenPal program, please fill out this very short form: https://forms.gle/tuN81eDXVjvoHbBs6

The Gallery is located 1501 Cedar Ave, in the lower level of Community & Arts Building downtown Trail. 
For more information about VISAC or programs please contact director@visacgallery.com