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Past Exhibitions

Crowe High School Art Showcase

posted Sep 4, 2018, 2:34 PM by Executive Director   [ updated Sep 4, 2018, 2:34 PM ]

June 1 - June 15, 2018
Celebrating the amazing art of the Crowe High School art students. 
So many wonderful mediums and styles by these talented young artists. 

Silk & Steel

posted Apr 19, 2018, 10:59 AM by Executive Director

Silk & Steel!

Showing March 10 - April 20

You're invited to the wonderfully beautiful duel art show: Silk & Steel !
Featuring works by local fibre artist Karen Thatcher & sculpture artist Andrew Raney.

Breastfeeding Art Expo!

posted Apr 19, 2018, 10:54 AM by Executive Director

Showing at the VISAC Gallery Jan 12th - Feb 28th 2018

Breastfeeding Art Expo


The Breastfeeding Art Expo is a five-year arts-and-health project that will celebrate and support breastfeeding. The project will involve artists and community members from across the Interior Health region who will work to explore the topic of breastfeeding, through art. This project is a partnership between Interior Health and Kelowna Community Resources.

Breastfeeding has important medical, social, economic and environmental benefits. This community art project aims to advocate for policies and improve cultural acceptance which will better support mothers to breastfeed.

The Art Exposition: The Art Expo will include approximately fifteen major community artworks where professional artists work in a team with 5 or more community members. It will also include up to 100 independent art works. The art will include paintings, sculptures, photography, art dolls, Aboriginal artwork, poetry, dance, collage, live art and much more. Film vignettes that will capture the breastfeeding art story will also be part of the Expo. An Art Catalogue will showcase the Expo.

The Tour: The Art Expo will tour to about five key locations across Interior Health geographical region including the Thompson-Cariboo Shuswap, the Kootenays and the Okanagan. This tour may take the form of a traditional showing in an art centre, a school, or hospital, or the showing may be incorporated into a summer street festival. The Art Expo will also be a virtual tour online here at this website for those unable to get to the live Expo.

The Artists: Approximately fifteen professional artists have been selected by the project’s Steering Committee to work on the major community artworks with community members. We have in-kind funding from partner organizations and are in the process of seeking matching funding for the project. We invite non-profit organizations to partner with us on the project.

Art Surviving - Syrian Artist Fundraiser show

posted Feb 1, 2018, 10:54 AM by Executive Director

Art Surviving. A fundraiser art show exhibiting works by father and son Syrian refugee artists Saad Zwayne & Amr Zwayne.
Showing November 5 - Dec 20

Image may contain: horse
All funds from sold work will go strait to the artists to help them in their final steps as they wait for refugee status approval to join their family here in Trail. 
All invited!
Light refreshments
1501 Cedar Ave, Trail, BC
Lower level Selkirk College Building.

This exhibit will show works from both artists as a review of past works (color pencil, oil, acrylic, drawings, etc). Many pieces feature beautiful horses and scenes from their homeland. More to come on their story and strength through this time.

Artistry & Ink - Tattoo Artists Showcase

posted Feb 1, 2018, 10:52 AM by Executive Director

We are excited to announce the 1st Local Tattoo Artist Art Showcase, Artistry & Ink!
Showing Sept 29 - Nov 3rd

No automatic alt text available.VISAC has invited numerous local tattoo artists to participate in this celebration and exhibition of artwork created by those that choose skin and ink as their tools of professional expression. 

Participating Artists!:
Darrell Cross
Alex Moon
Ojas Cats
Josh Gatten
Alana Cronshaw 
Sylvie Le Sylvie
Meagan McLatchey

All Squared Up | Thursday Evening Painters Exhibit

posted Jun 6, 2017, 1:37 PM by Executive Director

April - May 2017:

VISAC Thursday Night Painters Group Show ' All Squared Up!'

"All Squared Up"

Thursday Evening Painters Group Exhibition

Come enjoy an night of art and admire these new works created by talented local artist.

From the Artists:
Several years ago, one rainy night during our Thursday Evening Painting sessions, we started thinking about a future exhibit we would like to have at the VISAC Gallery to celebrate 25 years of painting sessions.

We came up with a theme of square formatted work that would be an interesting visual effect…one that would provide unity with the varied mediums and subject matter that we like to paint.

“Squared-up” has a number of definitions, such as taking action to deal with a challenge, arranging objects satisfactorily, tightening connections, confirming ideas, and getting ready for a confrontation…this last definition was far from what we were thinking of.

Every painting is a challenge, mainly creating a composition that would be pleasing within a square mat/frame.

Painting “squared-up’ would tighten our connections as a group as we worked toward our common goal.
Confirming ideas helped motivate and inspire us.
Getting ready for a confrontation…well, we just didn’t go there. Actually, we became quite unified in doing a montage with a common theme of some variations of white. This group piece will be featured along with the various independent works of the participating artists.

About the Thursday Evening Painters:
In 1992, Bob Ross founded the Thursday Evening Painters at the VISAC Gallery.
His vision was to provide space and opportunity for painters in watermedia to meet, paint and be inspired. 

Bob’s legacy continues as the Thursday Evening Painters group celebrates its 25th anniversary. Comprised of members from all walks of life, and as its name suggests, they meet at the VISAC on Thursday evenings. The members’ experiences in painting and in life contribute to their work. They inspire, motivate, and encourage each other in an informal atmosphere. 

The VISAC Gallery provides a spacious beautifully lit area for the painters to create their work in such media as watercolour, acrylic, graphite, and coloured pencil in the presence of the gallery’s on-going exhibits. 

The members of Thursday Evening Painters live in Trail, Rossland, Castlegar, and Robson.

The Thursday Evening Painters would like to extend our thanks to Kristen Renn, her staff and volunteers at the VISAC, the Board of Directors of the VISAC, and the custodians who keep this facility pretty spiffy.

VESSELS, Trail Pottery Club Exibition

posted Apr 25, 2017, 3:38 PM by Executive Director

Vessels, People's Choice Sculpture Contest, and Special Delights Sale

Opening Celebration March 24th


VISAC Gallery, 1501 Cedar Ave, downtown Trail

Lower Level of Selkirk College Building

Everyone's invited!

This year's Pottery Club exhibition is going off with a Bang! Join us on March 24th for the opening celebration of the pottery exhibition 'Vessels', vote on the People's Choice Sculpture Contest, and treat yourself in purchasing your own locally made small plates & mugs for sale!

3 awesome components to this evening's event!

*VESSELS Exhibition: The Trail Pottery Club artists were invited to explore the bounds and definition of what is a vessel and create new unique works to participate in this beautiful show!

*People's Choice Sculpture Contest: Potters from all around were invited to create sculpture pieces to submit to this contest. Winners are voted on by you the public and announced after the Opening Celebration. So come on down and vote!

*Special Delights Sale!: Come on down to the VISAC Gallery this night and treat yourself to some amazing functional art and edible delights. We will have locally made, handcrafted mugs & small plates for sale and if you purchase a small plate at the opening celebration you then get to fill your plate with delicious delights from the tapas & chocolate table. If you purchase a mug on the opening celebration night you get to have it filled with your choice of beer, wine, or hot chocolate. Fun all around! This special event only happens at the Opening Celebration night, so don't miss out.

Young Minds, Emerging Thoughts

posted Mar 24, 2017, 11:40 AM by Executive Director



Opening Reception Feb 16th 6pm-8:30pm!!

Come to the opening reception of 'Young Minds, Emerging Thoughts' exhibition at the VISAC Gallery, downstairs from the Charles Bailey Theatre
Going to the Crowe High Variety show the same night?! Go early and enjoy not only the Performance arts of our youth, but the Visual as well!

Reception 6pm-8:30pm everyone's invited!
VISAC Gallery 1501 Cedar Ave, lower level.

We will be feature young emerging artists Madeline Grace-Wood, Kaylee Colquhoun, & Ivana Waning... all Crowe High artists!

This exhibit focuses on the creative and ever-changing process of the young artist mind. Come take a peek inside the thought stream of emerging creative expression.

Showing Feb 16- March 17

'Landscape, Migration, & Wildness'

posted Feb 14, 2017, 3:53 PM by Executive Director

'Landscape, Migration, & Wildness' 

by the lovely and talented Stephanie Kellett.

Showing Jan 13- Feb 11

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday January 13th 6pm-8:30pm
Where: VISAC Gallery, 1501 Trail, BC (lower level Selkirk College Building Who: all are invited!
What: Celebrate and take in the perspective and beauty captured by local artist Stephanie Kellett, while experiencing the soundscapes created by her partner Robert E. Livingood to accompany the exhibit. All the while mingling with the fun art-interested peoples from around the Basin. Light refreshments offered.

A lil' about the Artist:
Stephanie Kellett is a contemporary illustrative painter of animals and landscapes based in the Slocan Valley in BC. Although she received a Diploma in Fine Arts in 2003, and then a subsequent Degree in Art History in 2008, Stephanie is a self-taught painter. Her work often involves layers of acrylic washes and glazes, illustrative imagery, collage, and deal with themes that revolve around feminist views of nature and spirit of place as she aims aims to tell the stories of landscape through art.

A lil' bit more insight for you into 'Migration, Landscape, and Wildness':

The motivation to create this body of work came during a three week excursion in September of 2014 where artist, Stephanie Kellett, and partner, Robert E. Livingood, followed one of the largest sockeye salmon runs ever recorded to enter British Columbia's interior. Their journey began at the edge of Tsilhqoti'in Territory near Sheep Range Provincial Park, where tens of thousands of sockeye veer west from the Fraser into the milky teal Chilcotin River system. From there the pair traversed some 170 kms across the dry Chilcotin Plateau to reach the salmon's destination of the pristine, teal, glacial-fed waters of Chilco Lake. By day Stephanie and Rob would stand on the banks of the river watching salmon persevere against baffling odds, and at night they slept on the same ground where a possible 140 grizzly bears had also gathered for the salmon. Being immersed in unadulterated wildness heightened the artist's senses, humbled and terrified her, and left her in awe as she observed the raw process of life, death, and rebirth play out before her in a landscape of incomprehensible beauty. Through this interpretation of the salmon's journey, Stephanie Kellett hopes to celebrate the Chilcotin Plateau, the salmon, the landscapes they travel through, and the creatures who nourish from them along the way.

Between Trail & Sky by Richard Soltice

posted Jan 3, 2017, 1:21 PM by Executive Director

We warmly invite you to visit the amazing all new exhibit:
Between Trail & Sky by Richard Philip Soltice

This solo exhibit presents large scale black & white photos featuring the local Greater Trail area and its beauty both grand and fine. Get lost in the majesty and awe of your very own homelands captured by a visionary local Photographer, Richard Philip Soltice.

"My father, Frank, gave me my first camera when I was about 14 and enrolled in a high school photography course. It was of course a film camera, a Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, an excellent, single lens reflex 35 mm camera of German design and manufacture. My new (old) camera was the envy of classmates and even the instructor, the local town professional, looked at it with admiration and approval. At that point in my life I had traveled the American southwest and Mexico extensively with my family, with my father in the background recording our adventures with that superb camera and Kodachrome film. The world no longer has Kodachrome but I still have that camera…sort of.

I lost the original camera in a move more than 25 years ago, but as fate would have it, a few years ago a friend handed me an exact replacement, right down to the brown leather case that it was wrapped in. She said simply, “I thought you might know what this is and appreciate it”. I was stunned, and explained the significance to her.

I tell that story to illustrate how life can be full of loss and gain, and unexpected twists and turns and how it is best lived by flowing with whatever comes our way. Not long after losing the camera, I gave up photography and pursued opportunities in my paying career. Inexplicably, however, while I moved around B.C. I dragged with me all of my really good darkroom equipment and boxes of negatives from my previous life as a photographer.  Perhaps it was because I felt deep down inside that something was missing from my life, and coming home at the end of every day unfulfilled but exhausted brought that feeling into focus. I had nothing tangible in my hands that attested to the effort that I put forth at work every day, and perhaps I had stopped interpreting the world around me on my own terms.  I think we all share some of that feeling, where in this modern busy world we do much but create so little.

Art is interpretive and creative and it is our touchstone to how we feel but cannot adequately express in words or deeds. It is also the link that can connect others to what we feel, what we see with our own vision, and what we think.

In my mid-20s I developed a keen appreciation of the natural world and I became a committed environmentalist – at least to the extent allowed by a life in mainstream, modern North America, which can mean much believing but too little doing. As my awareness of all the environmental ills grew so too did my sense that I could express how I felt about the natural world with more than just lofty words. So I picked up my camera again and began interpreting this glorious worl , translating my respect and understanding through the language of black and white images. Black and white photography is, by its very nature, interpretive, and it relies on the most fundamental visual aspects of light, form, tone, and contrast to convey a message. It is both simple and incredibly complex and it forces the viewer to abandon the paradigm of a world of colours, and embrace instead its simple structures, its basic components and its most fundamental elements.

This is my first exhibit of prints taken on a digital camera and represents a bold and frightening departure for me. Never before have I had the degree of control over an image that I enjoy in the world of digital processing. While I strive to confine what I do with an image on a computer to what I could do in the darkroom, I am fascinated and excited by the precision with which I can exercise control to bring forth the image that I have pre-visualized at the moment the shutter was tripped. But I always printed my own images in my own darkroom, keeping that journey from vision to reality uninterrupted and in my own hands. For this exhibit I had to trust someone else to print for me, and that was a frightening prospect. I am, however, both very pleased and relieved to have found someone who was up to the task, willing to consult, listen and then bring to life someone else’s vision. For that I would like to thank Derrick Bruce of Nelson Fine Art Printing, without whom this exhibit would not have been possible.   


As I am grateful that I found Derrick, I am grateful that I found photography again. It serves a purpose and fills a void. Art is evocative – it is supposed to make us think and feel – and with the enormous environmental problems bearing down on our world, and us, we need as much thinking and feeling as we can muster. At the moment that I choose to record an image, I feel something for the subject matter -  some connection, some understanding – and I am moved. More importantly, however, I continue to think and feel and I am reminded every time I look at my work of where we are and how much further we need to go to understand our place in this precious, fragile world."

 Richard Philip Soltice

November, 2016

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