"Puzzle Pieces" by Andy Holmes & Martine Bedard

Post date: Feb 16, 2016 11:38:45 PM

Puzzle Pieces

Puzzle Pieces, an art exhibit by Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard, is an exploration of the complexity of existence in our

January 2016

'Puzzle Pieces' by Andy Holmes & Martine Bedard

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday Jan 8th 6:30-8:30 VISAC Gallery - Free and Open to the Public

world. How do you piece together the disparity between our wealth and lifestyle, and the paucity that touches so many lives in our world today ? Life is a puzzle ; the events and their unfolding over time, that manifest each moment. How do the pieces fit together ? Where do they come from ? Puzzle pieces attempts to touch on these, and many more questions that flow from the human condition. Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard have been art makers for over 25 years. They have been creating together for almost 20 years. Over that time, Martine and Andy have found creative expression to be a valuable way to explore the diverse aspects of life. Art making provides the opportunity to journey through the seen and the unseen ; Life is a creative act.

Art for People

Andy Holmes and Martine Bédard, the founders of Art for People, are both art makers and art therapists who believe in the extraordinary benefits of creativity. Through donations, Art for People sponsors creative community projects around the world. Thus far, Art for People has been involved in projects in Canada, The United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, The Phillipines, Haiti and Nepal. As artists, we recognize that different materials are more environmentally friendly and 'green' than others. We try to use re-used and recycled materials as much as possible. In purchasing Art for People paintings, you are not only receiving a beautiful art piece, but are also keeping the creative cycle moving by supporting creative projects locally and globally.

For more information, please see our website www.artforpeople.ca or contact us atart_for_people@yahoo.com.